BushLinx® Data Logger

BushLinx® Data Logger

Cellular  /  Radio Base Station  /  Radio 900Mhz


Australian Made and supported for our harsh environments

A very low power data logger operating on solar power and internal battery. Built from the ground up to accommodate data logging requirements for farm and environmental data logging applications. Connectivity is via cellular modem, 900Mhz radio and ethernet (farm wifi)

The data logger is mounted under a solar panel ‘hoodie’ which offers environmental and mechanical protection for year round operation in Australia’s harsh environments

A flexible, modular design allows each data logger to be connected as cellular or radio, or act as a base station by having both cards fitted. This also allows a simple upgrade process. A damaged unit is also easily fixed, not needing total replacement.


Logging, SMS Control and data upload functions are controlled independently giving great flexibility to achieve required results

Remote server side configuration capable

LED’s onboard for functions, errors and diagnosis (no special programs or cables required)

Cellular Connectivity

Long Range 4G CATM1, NB-IoT

900Mhz Local Radio connectivity

Australian Developed

Australian Made

900Mhz frequency hopping and anti-interference

Self-healing, forms a Network

Proprietary ARTech data handling ensuring data payload is delivered intact

Sensor Wiring

Cable gland entry, internal terminals

Individual power per sensor cable

Sensor Inputs

5 x Analogue 0-5V/4-20mA (12-bit resolution)
2  x Pulse / Reed Switch or 1 x Pulse + 1 x Frequency
20 x SDI-12 Devices, 20 Sensors each (2 independently powered buses)
20  x  RS485 ASCII Devices
2 x Secondary (higher power) sensor power
4 x Watermark Sensors (via expansion Board)
4 x powered or un-powered 48V relay contacts (2 onboard H-Bridge capable)

Sensor Control features

1 second to 1 day logging rates
Averaging available
Independent logging rates per sensor/device
12V battery sensor power

Control Capability

Control program set-up
Control function via SMS message + security checks
12V on-board power available 200mA – Higher power via external power


BushLinx Data Logger in its hoodie providing environemntal and mechanical protection

BushLinx Data Logger

BushLinx Data Logger Easily Accessible components

Easily Accessed, Modular Design

Easy Mounting System  for BushLinx  data logger and hoodie

Easy Mounting System - Star Dropper or 30-50mm Pole