Water Metering

Water Metering

We are NMI accredited to install and validate non urban water meters

Supply and fit water meters for non urban water metering applications

  • Irrigation meters
  • Industrial meters
  • Councils and businesses

Water meters must now be a suitable NMI accredited pattern approved water meter, complying to standards in AS4747 water metering standards for non-urban water meters.

We prefer to fit and validate the Bermad WP-Dynamic range of water meters, being a mechanical barrel type meter. These have proven to be a very good water meter over the years, and show good reliability and accuracy.

Fitting a reed switch (pulse output) allows the meter to be remote monitored by the user, alerted on excessive flow rates and used for automated water accounting purposes making your reporting and trouble shooting of the irrigation system easier.

When working with meters we most commonly do the departmental (water licensing) paperwork for our customers so that you have a stress free experience with meter changeovers. The next time you have to report water use the right meters just appear for you ready to record your water use.


Most people servicing water meters simply replace the whole meter when its not working correctly, however often a meter that is not working will just need a new part – perhaps a meter dial or impeller rather than a whole new meter.
This cuts the cost of getting it operational again, getting the job done for less

Display and report water use  and flow rates with BushLinx®


We provide live data for:

  • Water Use
  • Flow  Rates
  • Leak Detection
  • Water Use accounting reporting (includes ML remaining, ML used, ML/ha, Same day last year comparison)
  • Alerting SMS or email
WP-Dynamic Water Meter

WP-Dynamic Water Meter

Water meter validation and installation

Water meter validation and installation