BushLinx® Display

BushLinx® Display

A powerful yet simple to use graphical display for sensor and IoT data and decision making. BushLinx® has been built from the ground up off the back of more than a decade of user comments and feedback

We support private customers, Corporate and Government enterprises, delivering their IoT and sensor data needs whether its individual sites or region wide sensor networks, BushLinx® Display systems have been designed for you

BushLinx® is Australian made and owned. We provide all support and operations from South Australia. When you call us, we answer!

Features include:

 > Powerful graphical display with a focus on simplicity

 > Multi level user access and management

 > Emphasis on decision making

 > Reporting

 > Real time mapping

 > API support for data imports and exports

 > Data sharing between users is simple, powerful and flexible

> Software site and field hardware management

 > Remote configuration available

Importing existing data

When you upgrade with BushLinx® you can bring your historical data with you. We can import your precious data records in a number of ways so you don’t have to loose it.
Talk to us about your options

Upgrading with existing field sensors and data loggers

We routinely provide an upgrade path so you may not have to re-buy “all new kit" to upgrade to BushLinx®

We support many common data loggers now, we may be able to avoid you buying all new equipment

Talk to us about your options, you might be surprised!

BushLinx Dashboard  IoT data displays

BushLinx Custom Dashboards

Sum and Statistics Tables summarizing weather data

Simple and Advanced Tables

Advanced Gauges showing comaprison data and time lapse data in BushLinx Display

Advanced Gauges

Compare years of sensor data, great for decisions with soil moisture probes and weather data

Multi-year Comparisons

BushLinx Maps for live IoT data customized live data maps

BushLinx Maps

Simple Charts to display live streaming IoT data in BushLinx

Simple Charts

Simple Gauges with time stamps in real time

Simple Gauges

Rain Calendar displaying rainfall data from IoT data loggers

Rain Calendar

Weather Forecast data integrated with on-farm weather data from BushLinx data logger

Fully Integrated Forecast

Library of gauges to build your own dashboard from IoT data

Gauges Library

Soil Moisture auto Stacked Chart showing changes in soil moisture conditions down the soil profile

Advanced Charts